A few words about Zoom…

We use zoom for the JPC session design. We are aware that Zoom is currently under criticism. We have been thinking back and forth for a long time about which tool we can use for this event. It should be both user friendly and stable at the same time. Some services are limited to a certain number of people, others run very shaky with more than 10 people, and others are complicated to use.

We have considered using Zoom as a starting point because it seems to be the best option under the given conditions. We are following the improvements Zoom has made in terms of data protection and want to protect your privacy as much as possible. For example, the sessions are not freely accessible but protected by a password.

So our suggestion for the JPC is: We use Zoom as a standard, but we are happy about critical reflection on the topic. We can also try out other tools during the BarCamp if you like. Let’s discuss it!