What is a barcamp anyway?

The JugendPolitCamp takes place in the format of a BarCamp, which is an open, self-determined conference, also called “Un-Conference”. Barcamps have established themselves as an event format for a few years now, especially in the field of new media, e.g. there are Educamps, Gamescamps, Foodcamps, and PolitCamps.

At Barcamps, people come together on a weekend (or even just one day) to learn from each other and from each other, to exchange ideas and to network. The schedule is planned from day to day by the participants themselves – there is no one who determines the program. So everyone can actively participate and offer so-called sessions. The aim is an open and self-determined exchange of knowledge and dialogue.

How much does participation cost?

The JugendPolitCamp is supported financially by different organizations, so that the participation contribution is small. According to our self-assessment we ask you for a contribution between 20 and 100€ for accommodation in shared rooms and meals. Those who cannot afford it should still be able to participate. Then simply enter “0€” in the registration form.

You have to pay the travel costs yourself. We can try to organize the joint journey. For that you have to answer “networking for joint travel” with yes in the registration form, so that we can pass on your data.

What’s for food?

We have a kitchen team in the house that provides us with four meals a day (breakfast, lunch, cake, dinner). The food is vegan by default, there are also some non-vegan supplements.

Of course we can also respond to special requirements such as allergies, incompatibilities, etc.. Just let us know when you register or by e-mail.

Are there snacks and drinks?

You can always take water or make tea. Soft drinks can be brought by yourself or bought in the ABC at a very fair price. The same applies to snacks and sweets.

In Hüll there is only a small village supermarket with very limited opening hours, a larger supermarket is not nearby. So it’s best to bring everything you need to snack.

I would like to travel by train

That’s not a problem. The nearest train station is Himmelpforten, that is in the area of the HVV (“Gesamtbereich”). We will pick you up together with other participants from the train arriving at 18:08 on the day of arrival and take you to the train departing at 14:51 on the last day.

If you arrive by train at other times, we will be happy to pick you up at the station. For this we have to take a small financial contribution from you.