Why is there a Code of Conduct?

At the JugendPolitCamp we spend a longer time together in a group. Many people meet who did not know each other before. We are all different people and have different experiences. So that we all have a nice YouthPolitCamp and feel good about it, there are rules for dealing with each other. These rules describe what we want you to do: Desired behaviour. These rules also describe what behaviour is unwanted at our event: unwanted behaviour.

Desirable behavior:

  • Be who you are and be a part of the group.
  • Act with consideration and respect.
  • Articulate wishes and/or criticism directly in order to avoid problems from the beginning.
  • No one is better or worse than you. Please treat everyone respectfully and appreciatively.
  • Pay attention to the other people at the event. If you feel that a situation is a problem, ask the orga team for help.
  • If you want to take pictures of people and show them on the internet, ask these people for permission beforehand.
  • Not all people at the barcamp speak the same language. Be patient when others have a hard time finding words.
  • Some people speak several languages. Can you help people have a conversation? If so, ask them if your support is desired.

Undesirable behavior:

We don´t want you

  • harassing people and transcending their boundaries.
  • insulting or discriminating others.
  • making devaluing comments about other people’s features. These include their religion, appearance, origin, gender, sexuality, disabilities, eating habits.
  • intimidating or often interrupting others so that they themselves cannot say much.
  • stalking other people or touching them unasked.
  • photographing people without asking, or publishing photos without asking questions, for example on the internet. Do not photograph people with red ribbons and help others to think about it.
  • speak in such a complicated way that others can’t understand you. Try to speak simply and not to exclude anyone.

How we deal with unwanted behavior:

A person who feels treated badly by you is looking for help. The orga team has the task to help people who feel not well treated by others and who are looking for help. Then the following can happen:

  1. A person from the team will approach you and ask you what happened.
  2. If you have violated our code of conduct, this person will explain to you what you did wrong and how you can do better. If this conversation is going very badly, you may have to leave the event so that the others can feel good there.

If you have questions about our code of conduct or do not understand something, feel free to contact us.

Contact: Birte Frische, bf@abc-huell.de, 0151/20187528

The house rights of the ABCs

We reserve the right to make use of our domestic rights and to deny access to the event to or exclude from it persons who belong to right-wing extremist parties or organisations, who belong to the right-wing extremist scene or have already appeared in the past through racist, nationalist, anti-semitic or other inhuman statements.